Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Southwest monsoon 2017 arrives over Kerala on 30 May

Southwest monsoon normal onset date over Kerala (official arrival of the June to September rainfall in India ), is June 1. INDIA METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT forecast for the last five (5) years 2012 to 2016 is given below. Most (2/3 mainly rural) of Indians depend on farm income and 45% kharif crops (Cotton, groundnuts ,Rice, Chia and oil seeds) area mostly dependants on monsoon rain due to lack of irrigation system and water in India. 

IMD monsoon Prediction and actual arrival date in India
Monsoon Year
IMD Forecast Onset Date
Indian Actual Onset Date
5 -June - 2012
1-June - 2012
1 -June - 2013
3 -June - 2013
6 -June - 2014
5 -June - 2014
5 -June - 2015
30 -May - 2015
8 -June - 2016
7 -June - 2016

* Referance by - India Meteorological Department gov of india

Monsoon 2017 on progress charts india

The Indian monsoon has covered the Nicobar Islands and south Andaman Sea 3 days before of its normal onset date normally around 20 May with a model error of ± 4 days, the IMD said. Conditions are become favourable for further advance of monsoon into some more parts of Bay of Bengal and remaining parts of north Andaman Sea during next 48 hours due to the Formation of a cyclonic circulation over region.

Highlight Feature of Indian Seasonal Monsoon 2017 :-

  • As Per IMD monsoon is likely to set over Kerala on 30 May
  • Southwest monsoon has advanced into some parts of southeast Bay of Bengal
  • Cyclonic circulation over Andaman Sea give Strengthening monsoon

satellite image for monsoon cloud india

23 - may -2017 ( Monsoon Progress Limit India )

 The Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM) continues to pass through Lat.5.0

N/Long. 80.0

E, Lat.8.0

N/Long. 87.0

E, Lat.13.0

N/ Long. 92.0

and Lat. 16.0

N/ Long. 95.0

Forming of UAC (cyclonic circulation) over  over Southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining  region conditions are becoming favorable for further advance of sw monsoon.

monsoon progress 23 may 2017
* Map from IMD

29 - May - 2017 monsoon status and Cyclone Mora forms in Bay of Bengal

  • Northern limit pass to - 5.0  N/ 76.0 E and under the influance of deep depresion over  Bay of Bengal cyclonic storm 'MORA' forms in Bay of Bengal.

  • Conditions are favourable for some advanced sw monsoon into some parts Arabian Sea , Comorin region and east central bay of bangal

    • Conditions are  becoming favourable and monsoon on set some parts of Kerala and extreme southern India near about 30 - 31 may 2017

    Southwest monsoon 2017 on set over kerala  today (30 may 2017)

    Monsoon 2017 set over kerala today and some more parts of soutern kerala , south arebean sea , some parts of tamilnadu , bay of bangal  and northeastern states.

    condition are become favourable advanced monsoon some other parts of Kerala and southern Indian during 3-4 days.

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    5 day rainfall forecast (30 may to 3 june 2017)