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Southwest monsoon 2017 arrives over Kerala on 30 May

Southwest monsoon normal onset date over Kerala (official arrival of the June to September rainfall in India ), is June 1. INDIA METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT forecast for the last five (5) years 2012 to 2016 is given below. Most (2/3 mainly rural) of Indians depend on farm income and 45% kharif crops (Cotton, groundnuts ,Rice, Chia and oil seeds) area mostly dependants on monsoon rain due to lack of irrigation system and water in India. 

IMD monsoon Prediction and actual arrival date in India
Monsoon Year
IMD Forecast Onset Date
Indian Actual Onset Date
5 -June - 2012
1-June - 2012
1 -June - 2013
3 -June - 2013
6 -June - 2014
5 -June - 2014
5 -June - 2015
30 -May - 2015
8 -June - 2016
7 -June - 2016

* Referance by - India Meteorological Department gov of india

Monsoon 2017 on progress charts india

The Indian monsoon has covered the Nicobar Islands and south Andaman Sea 3 days before of its normal onset date normally around 20 May with a model error of ± 4 days, the IMD said. Conditions are become favourable for further advance of monsoon into some more parts of Bay of Bengal and remaining parts of north Andaman Sea during next 48 hours due to the Formation of a cyclonic circulation over region.

Highlight Feature of Indian Seasonal Monsoon 2017 :-

  • As Per IMD monsoon is likely to set over Kerala on 30 May
  • Southwest monsoon has advanced into some parts of southeast Bay of Bengal
  • Cyclonic circulation over Andaman Sea give Strengthening monsoon

satellite image for monsoon cloud india

23 - may -2017 ( Monsoon Progress Limit India )

 The Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM) continues to pass through Lat.5.0

N/Long. 80.0

E, Lat.8.0

N/Long. 87.0

E, Lat.13.0

N/ Long. 92.0

and Lat. 16.0

N/ Long. 95.0

Forming of UAC (cyclonic circulation) over  over Southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining  region conditions are becoming favorable for further advance of sw monsoon.

monsoon progress 23 may 2017
* Map from IMD

29 - May - 2017 monsoon status and Cyclone Mora forms in Bay of Bengal

  • Northern limit pass to - 5.0  N/ 76.0 E and under the influance of deep depresion over  Bay of Bengal cyclonic storm 'MORA' forms in Bay of Bengal.

  • Conditions are favourable for some advanced sw monsoon into some parts Arabian Sea , Comorin region and east central bay of bangal

    • Conditions are  becoming favourable and monsoon on set some parts of Kerala and extreme southern India near about 30 - 31 may 2017

    Southwest monsoon 2017 on set over kerala  today (30 may 2017)

    Monsoon 2017 set over kerala today and some more parts of soutern kerala , south arebean sea , some parts of tamilnadu , bay of bangal  and northeastern states.

    condition are become favourable advanced monsoon some other parts of Kerala and southern Indian during 3-4 days.

    our economy largely (mainly rural ) depend on agriculture business and 2/3 portion of farm water dependants on monsoon rainy water. our main crops like cotton , groundnut and oil seeds growing monsoon season. if you want to find best agriculture seeds manufacturers and supplier , we agroinfomart b2b portal offer all types of wholesaler and supplier list at our web portal. 

    5 day rainfall forecast (30 may to 3 june 2017)

    Friday, March 31, 2017

    list of kharif and rabi crops agriculture in india

    kharif and rabi crops in india

    The Indian cropping season is divided into two major seasons
    1. Kharif Crop and
    2 .Rabi (winter) Crop

    What is Kharif Crop ?

    Kharif crops are usually sown  with the rainy or monsoon season (June to September) and our kharif  season varies by crop and state wise because its depends on rain , weather condition and cultivation type.

    Kharif  crops are dependent on mainly on quantity and timing of rain , Environments , seeds quality and hybrid and pest control. we agroinfomart b2b agri manufacturers portal where you can find seeds suppliers , pesticides manufacturers , rice seeds manufacturers , agriculture agency details , supplier of bio products and fertiliser manufacturing companies list.

    Kharif Crops List :-

    • Cotton or Bt Cotton
    • Groundnut (Indian Peanuts)
    • Rice
    • Chia
    • Moong
    • juwar or maize
    • Bajari
    • Fennel
    • oil seeds
    • peddy
    • some vegetable

    Kharif crop india 

    What is Rabi (winter) Crop ?

    Rabi or winter crops are usually sown  with the winter season (November to April) and Rabi crops are grown with rainwater which pre located in ground or drip irrigation system. our major crop are wheat and peas mostly grown in northern and western plain in india and there are so many good rabi crop seeds firm ,coriander seeds manufactures and seeds supplier. Agriculture ministry data show that rabi season area increased by 7 in this year. Rabi sowing higher because good monsoon season , quality seeds , natural fertiliser and high tech drip irrigation.

    Rabi Crops List :-

    • Wheat
    • Vegetable Seeds
    • barley
    • cumin and coriander
    • onion and garlic
    • pea
    • bhindi , tomatoo , brinjal and potato
    • Fennel
    • musterd
    • Gram
    Rabi crops india list

    Friday, March 24, 2017

    Indian groundnut (Peanut) production by states or region in india

    India is second largest manufacturers and producer of Groundnuts or peanuts after china in the world and major production area are Gujarat in our nation. groundnut is generally oil seeds and fulfils approximately 25% of the total oil seed production of the our nation. Annual production of groundnuts are around 5 to 8 million toones. Around 75% of the crop is produced in khariff and other are ravi in India. there are so many groundnut seeds manufacturers and suppliers in major Gujarat ,Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh , Rajstahan and Karnataka.

    In Gujarat generally Saurashtra is main prime role to produce huge groundnut seeds district such as Amreli , Jamnagar, Gir, Junagadha , Bharuch, Porbandar and Bhavnagar.

    Groundnut peanut Indian from agroinfomart
    Rank State Production (MillionTonnes) Share arround (%)
    1 Gujarat 1.8 to 3.5 More than 50%
    2 Andhra Pradesh 1 13%
    3 Tamil Nadu 1 to 2 10%
    4 Rajasthan 0.9 9 %
    5 Karnataka 0.5 6 %
    6 Maharashtra 0.4 3%
    7 Others States 0.4 3%

    Some global trade market key of Indian groundnut (Peanut)
    1. Groundnut Production from China (2.8 - 3.9 million tons)
    2. Groundnut Production from India (2 - 3.8 million tons
    3. 100000 tons Groundnut demand in the world
    4. Major peanuts importer are united states and European countries

    Saturday, March 11, 2017

    Top Cotton Producing states of india

    Cotton is leading yarn or fiber corp in India as specially acquire demand of textile raw material and apparel cloth. India is second largest cotton producing country after china in the world. Over the years, country has increase cotton production due to hybrid cotton seeds , high tech machinery and pest control chemical.if you want to get find best cotton seeds manufacturers , supplier and exporter there are some good agriculture portal , farmer portal and directory.

    The main top cotton producing states are:

    1. Punjab
    2. Gujarat
    3. Maharashtra
    4. Madhya Pradesh
    5. Karnataka
    6. Haryana
    7. Tamil Nadu
    8. Rajasthan
    9. Andhra Pradesh

    Year 2016-17
    Indian State Area (LAKH HECTARE) Production capacity (LAKH BALES) Yield (KGS /HECTARE)
    Punjab 2.56 9 598
    Haryana 4.98 20.00 683
    Rajasthan 4.42 18.00 692
    North total 11.96 47.00 668
    Gujarat 24.00 95.00 673
    Maharashtra 38.06 89.00 398
    Madhya Pradesh 5.99 21.00 596
    Telangana 12.50 48.00 653
    Andhra Pradesh 4.49 19.00 719
    Karnataka 4.64 21.00 769
    Tamil Nadu 1.50 6 680
    South Total 23.13 94.00 691
    Orissa 1.36 3.00 375
    Others 0.50 2.00 680
    TOTAL 105.00 351.00 568

    Indian Wheat Cultivation Growing Zones and productions

    wheat is the most important food grain after rice of India as specially in north and west India. Wheat is the primary focus crop in India and total area is about 29.8 million hectares in the nation. Indian States of Punjab ,Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are major wheat production states. get more wheat production there are some factor that major role such as rain , water supply , best wheat seeds manufacturers and cultivation.

    Here we provide wheat growing areas of the country (by Indian zone)
    1. North Western Plain Zone - 11.5 % (Punjab ,Haryana and Uttar Pradesh plain zone )
    2. North Eastern Plain area - 10.5 % (Bihar,Jharkhand, North east states , West Bengal,Assam, Odisha )
    3. Central India -5.2% (Gujarat , Rajasthan  , Madhya Pradesh )
    4. South India - 1.6% (Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu , Southern area of india)
    5. Northern Hill India - 0.8% (Hill Area of jammu and Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and uttrakhand )

    Note :- All Data Reference by Indian government farmer portal

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    Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    Why NPK Fertilizer is rudimental fertilizer for agricultural lands?

    NPK is stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium. These are main elements of nutrition. Nitrogen helps to grow fast and also helps to retrieve fruits and flowers in crop. Nitrogen will provide best green color to plants so it is main component of NPK fertilizer. Phosphorous will supply best quality starch and sugar to plants and it will make healthy and long lasting age to plant or crops. And last one is potassium it will build quality of fruits or vegetables in plants. So NPK fertilizer is rudimental for agriculture production in India. NPK fertilizers are completely water soluble and provide ideal fertilizers which provide best micronutrients for crops.

    NPK fertilizer manufacturers

    There are some of damages to excessive use of NPK fertilizers. Leaves will be burned after yellow color of top leaves in crops that time you have to give more water to crops. When you put more nitrogen in field then plants may change color green to yellow, you will see the changes in color of Root that will be more dark red color. Cured plants allowed to go green in week.

    At Agro Infomart you will get best NPK fertilizer manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers andexporters from India. They all are expert in research of fertilizer and will provide you best fertilizer product that meet your requirements in India. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are primary elements so manufacturers of NPK fertilizer are so many in India. We have registered verified companies that will fulfill your requirements for all types of NPK fertilizers.

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    Why Best Directory of Agriculture?

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